Our Entrepreneurs

EIIG finds its entrepreneurs through Start:ME (Start Micro-Entrepreneur Accelerator Program), a business accelerator program which provides training for qualified micro-entrepreneurs (businesses with 1-4 employees) in local metro Atlanta communities. These businesses generate income for the entrepreneurs and their families and at the same time build neighborhood and economic vitality. We meet with entrepreneurs throughout the year to learn about their businesses and engage in discussions about business strategy and solutions. From these entrepreneurs, we choose candidates to loan to in the hopes that giving them a head start will help their areas and economies thrive.

Nicole Messiah 


Nicole Massiah is EIIG’s first loan recipient. She is a New York native whose passion for baking has existed ever since she was a child. She started Krumbz Bakery, a bakery in Atlanta, after planning her own wedding and making her own cake, and her business has been flourishing ever since! 

Visit the Krumbz Bakery Website

Eden Fesshazion 


Eden Fesshazion is a lawyer who has a firm located in the metro-Atlanta area. She specializes in immigration law and has been making great strides in growing her business and reaching out to clients.


Marta Ade 


 Marta Ade owns a nightcare business, providing services for families who need a trusting guardian for their children during the night hours. We are excited to be working with her in the coming future!

Akissi Stokes 

 Akissi Stokes runs a small bakery that  leverages protein-rich mealworms within traditional snacks (cookies, granola bars) to deliver increased nutritional gain to every consumer.